Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trend-Setting Doctor

It is usually not easy setting trends, so it felt great to get this note today, in the form of a Google review, from a thoughtful and loving patient.

"Dr. Kris is the most caring Dr. I have ever known. I do have to say he is a trend setter not a trend follower. I have known him for years and he was the only Dr. that never wanted to see me on a regular basis. He taught me stretching exercises to keep my back in order. I haven't seen him in many years but what he did for me is invaluable. Most recently, something he has been saying for years NO DAIRY landed on my doorstep when we almost lost a dear friend of ours. The short story.... A man of fifty ended up in the hospital for 21 days and walked out weak and with a pacemaker. The concern was if the pacemaker was rejected he would need a heart transplant. In a round about way through family members he was told to watch the documentary "Fork and Knife". This man, an avid hunter, a man's kinda of man is now totally Vegan. The most the doctor's expected was only 35% of heart working. In just a handful of months he is at 50% and looks great. Kevin is a walking miracle. I just heard this on Saturday and it brought tears to my eyes because Dr. Kristofer Young has been saying this for twenty years. He is an amazing man and I trust him with my life and Kevin's too."

Being a doctor who discuss with every patient the scientific reality of the enormity of the illness and disease caused by foods, is not an easy job. It is however, extremely rewarding. And while it doesn't necessarily put me in the same league with Dean Ornish, MD and Mark Hyman, MD, it does put me in their company.

If you are looking to set a trend in your own life, try 30 days off of ALL dairy products and ALL gluten. This experiment is not the answer to all ills, but most people will be shocked by the improvement in their lives.

Note: the photo above is of Functional Medicine doctors David Perlmutter, Wendy Warner, Mark Hyman, and Susan Blum , featured recently on the Dr. Oz Show - each of them discusses food with their patients.

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